The main active safety system of a vehicle are the brakes, they are in charge of slowing down and stopping it, so it is important to know when to maintain the braking system.

Brake fluid level: When we see that the brake fluid drops, it is better that we check the pads, since when they wear out, the route they must take until they can rub against the discs is greater.

Presence of noise: many pads have a small metallic warning light that warns when they are worn, producing a high-pitched sound when braking, high-end vehicles may have a light indicator on the dashboard, which is activated some time in advance to let us know that the pads are arriving to its end.

Delay in braking: When we begin to notice that we have to press the brake pedal more and more deeply because the car takes longer to stop and the braking efficiency is not the same, it is time to go to the workshop.

One of the big questions when changing pads is choosing the right ones, they are classified into several families according to their composition: Semi-metallic, Metallic, Ceramic, etc. It is essential to define the type of use (private or public service). , because each compound is designed to provide the best, not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of wear.

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