Imagine running a marathon with a sports shoe on one foot and a casual shoe on the other. It would be crazy! One foot would be well protected, but the other could get hurt. The same happens in the friction parts of your car, which use different formulas or compounds, such as the band and the block, two fundamental parts for the braking of a ship.

Why is it so serious?

Less effective braking: Because different materials have variable coefficients of friction and different wear behavior. This affects safety, because the braking distance is increased, and the response is slower.

Uneven wear: By mixing pieces with different properties, the one with the best characteristics will work and heat up more, and its deterioration will be greater. This will cause vibration and noise when braking.

Instability: The mixture of friction materials alters the braking response due to greater sensitivity to temperature or less heat dissipation, for example.

Damage to other parts: such as discs, pads, drums, and calipers. Different friction materials cause premature wear, deformation or critical failure.

For optimal braking, avoid mixing and use the best quality band and block. This is essential, especially in heavy vehicles, as they need specific and approved friction materials.

Incolbest guarantees great performance and safety, since for 15 years it has developed the ideal formula for the geographical conditions of Ecuador. The FX-EXTREME silver Ridge tread and block promises maximum grip and efficient braking. The FX-GOLD gold edge offers an ideal balance between durability and grip, while the FX-STANDARD green edge guarantees good braking at a fair price.

Look for Incolbest spare parts in Servifreno. Enter the online store or call 0992 485 123. You can also contact them by WhatsApp.