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SERVIFRENO was established in Ecuador more than 60 years ago as a company dedicated to the supply and marketing of brakes .

Servifreno’s history dates back to the 1960s, when Jorge Castro and his wife Fanny Jaramillo, who were passionate about motorsports, decided to apply their knowledge of automotive parts and braking systems to their own business called Servifreno, being a company dedicated to importing. of spare parts for automotive brakes of light and heavy models.

Year after year, Servifreno became the number one company in the distribution of spare parts for brake systems nationwide. From its beginnings Servifreno was distinguished by the quality of the products, agility in delivery and close attention to customers; characteristics that allowed it to grow each year to become the leading company in the provision of the friction line for the country’s automotive sector.

In 1990, Marcelo Castro, the fourth son of the founders, assumed general management. The new administration was adapting the family company to the changes subject to digital issues, to the growth of the Ecuadorian market and to the demands of customers with high-quality and reliable products.

Our mission

Accompany you safely and confidently to your destination.

Our Vision

To be the first and best option in vehicle maintenance in Ecuador, having products, services and processes that meet the needs of our customers, with permanent innovation and social responsibility.


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