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When to change brake pads and discs?

The main active safety system of a vehicle are the brakes, they are in charge of slowing down and stopping it, so it is important to know when to maintain the braking system.

Brake fluid level: When we see that the brake fluid drops, it is better that we check the pads, since when they wear out, the route they must take until they can rub against the discs is greater.

Presence of noise: many pads have a small metallic warning light that warns when they are worn, producing a high-pitched sound when braking, high-end vehicles may have a light indicator on the dashboard, which is activated some time in advance to let us know that the pads are arriving to its end.

Delay in braking: When we begin to notice that we have to press the brake pedal more and more deeply because the car takes longer to stop and the braking efficiency is not the same, it is time to go to the workshop.

One of the big questions when changing pads is choosing the right ones, they are classified into several families according to their composition: Semi-metallic, Metallic, Ceramic, etc. It is essential to define the type of use (private or public service). , because each compound is designed to provide the best, not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of wear.

At Servifreno you have a wide range of spare parts according to your needs.

Servifreno, gives you confidence

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To ensure an optimal and effective braking system in your vehicle you must have good brake pads, if you are still not sure which is the best option for your vehicle, in SERVIFERNO we want to help you clear all the doubts you have about this issue

What are brake pads and what do they do?

Pads are part of the disc brake system in vehicles. They are the friction materials that when in contact with the disc causes the vehicle to stop when the driver presses the pedal.

What should a good brake pad have?

A good brake pad should have 3 basic characteristics: good grip, good durability and comfort in braking. Depending on how the vehicle is used, the appropriate pads must be selected. There are pads whose main characteristic is the duration, and in others it is the comfort of braking. The ideal pill will depend on the use, make and model of the vehicle.

If we talk about vehicles for personal use, the most common type is the ceramic tablet for comfort. On the other hand, for heavier duty vehicles, the semi-metallic pad is a good option for the durability it offers.

When to change brake pads?

On average, the pads should be replaced every 20 000 – 25 000 km. Some signs that warn you that you need to change are if you hear a squeal when braking, or if your car lights up the pad wear indicator, replace them immediately.

Now that you know more about the different features and think it’s time to change your brake pads, we invite you to browse our wide range of spare parts in our online store.

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 The maintenance of your car is a responsibility that you assume together with the vehicle, it is important that you have the habit of taking it for check-ups and be aware of all the signs.

It is known that modern cars are programmed to serve an oil change over 15,000 KM, but if we are talking about an old model, the change must be at 5,000 KM.

Next, we leave you 5 signals that your vehicle emits when it requires an oil change.

1. Increased fuel consumption: When the components of your car do not work properly, one of the main signs is generally increased fuel consumption, we recommend you always check the level of the tires and the spark plugs to avoid spending more gasoline than necessary.

2. Oil turns dark in color:  You must monitor the oil level and color of the same in your car, if the color is very dark and of a different consistency, it is necessary to change the oil as soon as possible and if this situation is repeated constantly, pay attention to the oil filter and the other parties involved in its circulation.

3. Strange noises in the engine: We must be clear about the function that the oil performs in our car and it is to lubricate all the mechanical components, so if there is an unusual sound, it is surely the abnormal friction between cranks, camshaft or other parts that are involved in the optimal functioning.

4. Check engine light on: The check engine light does not indicate any specific problem, but it can be a number of things. It is simply the easiest way for the engine to “tell” you that something is wrong.

5. Oil level drops constantly: Low oil levels are never a good sign, it can be due to a leak or because the oil is burning irregularly, but as a preventive measure, it should be changed to avoid irreversible dam.Use high quality oil, and you can get it through our e-commerce:  https://bit.ly/3r9v9or

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How to know when to change your windshield wiper blades

The windshield wiper blades are elements that do not need frequent maintenance, but it is important to pay attention to the signs that indicate that they need to be changed. When they deteriorate, they can affect visibility and be a great risk when driving, so we must be careful that they work correctly and are in optimal conditions.

These are some of the signs

  • They make noise: if you hear a strange sound when activated, it means that the rubber is worn, since it begins to deteriorate over time.
  • They do not clean well: if the brushes do not clean well, it may be due to wear on the rubber or because the brush-holder arm is not exerting enough pressure on the glass.
  • Fogged glass: if the glass fogs up on the outside, it is because the rubber has hardened due to wear and tear and does not allow pressure to be applied to the glass.
  • Striations: if the blade has cuts, it will not allow proper cleaning and visibility will be lost on the road.

If you have any of these signs, do not hesitate to change it quickly and thus prevent any type of accident that may affect you or your family. You can purchase them through our website https://ventas.servifreno.com 

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