Vehicle manufacturers attach great importance to safety, for this reason they invest a large amount of human and economic resources in research and development of new technologies.

Currently within vehicle safety we can speak fundamentally of two types: ACTIVE AND PASSIVE SAFETY.

Active safety is one that covers all the vehicle systems that help us avoid accidents. It is mainly composed of the brake system, tires, the steering and the lights.

Passive safety is a set of elements that are intended to maintain integrity and reduce physical damage to which the occupants of the vehicle are subjected once the accident has occurred. It is made up of bodywork, airbags, seat belts and bumpers.

In active safety, one of the most important systems is the brakes. Without this we would be before a car capable of traveling, but not stopping in time. The brake system is made up of few and very localized elements, which is why it makes it one of the most effective in the car, but at the same time one of the most critical, precisely because of the importance that each of its components has in set. This system is used continuously, so it is subject to noticeable wear. For it to work properly, it must be checked regularly.

The brakes of our vehicle are the main security system that we enjoy in our car. Keeping it in optimal operating and service conditions should be our main responsibility, since a faulty system not only puts our lives at risk, but also that of other people.