Due to the current situation, companies and businesses cannot maintain a normal course in their operations or customer service. The most appropriate way to prevent the virus from spreading is to avoid human contact between people belonging to the company internally and externally.

For this, it is important to create a plan that allows the risks of contagion to be minimal and allows the tasks to continue to be carried out normally in companies, taking into account the following:

  • Assess whether administrative functions necessarily require face-to-face work and whether or not to opt for teleworking.
  • In the operational areas we must adjust working distances between each worker.
  • Develop health and hygiene protocols considering that there may be asymptomatic people.
  • Do not expose yourself, if one of your collaborators presents symptoms belonging to the current pandemic, do not allow him to work in offices, he must carry out any activity via telework.
  • Determine the back up of each of your collaborators in case of absence, this will allow that in case of illness the activities do not slow down their course and they can continue with their functions.
  • Identify the areas of greatest danger due to contact with the public for permanent disinfection and to apply mandatory distance regulations.
  • Identify the most vulnerable groups, since they must be handled more carefully with these people and not expose them to risky situations.

Example of an action plan:

  • Take the temperature to all visitors and people who work in your facilities.
  • Do not allow entry or attention to people who register more than 37 degrees C.
  • Identify spaces in your business at least 1.5 meters apart between people to avoid crowds.
  • As much as possible, allow the entrance of only one person per company, client or supplier that arrives at your business.
  • If meeting with a person is necessary, avoid confined and closed spaces.

Employees using public transportation

  • The following recommendations should be given:
  • Wear a mask and gloves when leaving the house and getting on public transport.
  • Avoid taking full transport units.
  • Always carry antibacterial gel for personal use.

Basic rules of personal care

  • Wear a mask and gloves when leaving the house or when close to a person
  • Always carry antibacterial alcohol for your personal use of at least 70%
  • In the case of sneezing, use disposable tissues, in case of not having it, use the internal angle of the elbow.
  • Avoid touching massive use surfaces, handrails, elevator buttons, door handles, etc.
  • Avoid putting your hands to your face and specifically not touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Wash your hands every 3 hours with plenty of soap and water and apply apply 70% hydroalcoholic gel to your hands.
  • Disinfect your cell phone with 70% antibacterial gel after your tour has finished.

Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.

Cleaning removes germs, dirt and impurities while disinfection kills germs. Therefore, it is very important to carry out a thorough cleaning before disinfecting. Another important aspect is the ventilation of closed spaces, trying to guarantee that the air you breathe is safe. Overcrowding and the absence of ventilation are factors that favor the transmission of the virus.

Daily cleaning should be in all areas of work establishments in order to clean and organize the environment, replace daily consumption materials (for example, liquid soap, toilet paper, paper towels and others) and collect waste, according to their classification. Includes cleaning of all horizontal surfaces, of furniture and equipment, doors and door handles, window frames and cleaning of the floor, telephones, light switches and others. The cleaning of the floor of the corridors should be carried out preferably at times of least movement.

Frequent cleaning and disinfection must be carried out on those surfaces in continuous contact with the hands of clients and / or working people (handles of baskets / carts, tape of products for payment, datafast, etc.).

All establishments with a high flow of people must be disinfected with viricides at least twice a week at the end of the working day; however, it is recommended to do it daily at the end of the work day while the health emergency lasts

 Protective equipment for personnel

The more care and protection we have when serving customers and handling products, we take care of our health and avoid the spread of the virus. As basic rules, the following is essential:

  • The use of a mask in case of direct contact with clients.
  • Regular hand washing, the use of alcohol-based wipes or disinfectant gel.
  • Have a space of approximately two meters between each job.
  • Minimize contact between workers, customers and people served.
  • Establish alternate days or additional work shifts that reduce the total number of workers.

Below we detail the uniforms that each person must have for customer service to minimize all types of risk. Remember that prevention helps us contain the virus.