The ADAC, the largest automobile association in Europe, conducted brake tests among six recognized brands. The comparison was made according to the aspects of safety, useful life and environment.

Braking performance and wear were examined on the test bench with two different braking cycles (moderate and high stress), while the driving tests focused on the influence of different braking systems on driving behavior.

For the braking performance test, the friction coefficient, measured on the test bench, and the braking distance in real driving tests were subdivided into constancy.

Wear was also examined in a realistic brake cycle, a brake cycle with a high load on the test bench and the thickness of the coating in relation to the allowable disc wear.

Ceramic ATE Pads ranked first in the test, thanks to their very low level of wear which also promises less rim contamination.

It also impresses with the best values ​​for the coefficient of friction. The braking performance drops somewhat under load, but it can still convince with good values. When subjected to high loads, it gets dirty just like its competitors, but this is the easiest way to remove brake dust.

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