We are a family business that thinks of families, at this time that union and empathy is necessary, we want them to count on us knowing that together we will overcome this. Learn about the options we offer you to help you reorganize your business.

Count on our commercial advisers

Although we are far away, love for our work unites us. You can communicate at any time with our advisers who are ready to advise you by phone, they will solve your doubts and take essential requests to overcome this emergency.

Delivery of orders 

Servifreno continues working to supply the strategic sectors, we receive your orders through our advisers or telephone lines:

098 684 5616

098 938 5043

098 053 ​​3046

098 041 8257

With the responsibility that characterizes us, we are delivering our merchandise with all the biosecurity protocols and responsible product management at the national level because we know that transport cannot stop.

Safety regulations for the commercialization of products

Your health matters to us, so we ask that you take into account the following measures to protect the health of our clients and staff.

  • Use our telephone channels to request our products.
  • Only if necessary go to our facilities to make the purchase.
  • Ask security personnel for antibacterial gel before entering.
  • Keep at least 1 meter away with customer service personnel.
  • Avoid physical contact, do not wave with a kiss and / or hand. Avoid crowds.
  • For your safety, our work surfaces are constantly disinfected.
  • Use disposable tissues and put them in a covered trash can.
  • When leaving, request antibacterial gel from the security guard.
  • Call 171 if you have a cough, fever, or breathing difficulties.