Brake fluid bleeding machine in hydraulic systems. Designed and manufactured by ATE (Germany). Its operation is electric with voltages of 110 or 220 V. Its main characteristics are the following:

  • Ensures complete bleeding and purging of the hydraulic brake system.
  • It does not leave air inside the system.
  • Its operation is electric, unlike pneumatic traps.
  • Bleed ABS systems.
  • It works very well in hybrid vehicles.
  • It handles three pressures, filling, vehicles without ABS and vehicles with ABS.
  • Wide coverage of vehicle models using the different couplings.
  • It purges in 15 minutes and needs only one operator.
  • Guarantees the useful life of hydraulic elements (cylinders and jaws).
  • It does not need more maintenance.

For its operation the machine uses couplings similar to the one in the photograph:

The machine is initially equipped with the most used coupling (number 20) that serves approximately 50% of the models that make up our fleet. The rest of couplings can be purchased separately.