There is always a lot to learn when it comes to maintenance, today we bring you 3 myths and truths about Brakes.

 Myth: Air disc brakes are checked only once a year

Truth: Air Disc Brakes (ADB) should be checked at every preventive maintenance inspection.

One of the benefits of air disc brakes is that the service intervals for friction or rotor replacement are longer than those of drum brakes, but this is not to say that ADB maintenance intervals are also longer. long,” says McComsey. “Doing a check at every preventive maintenance inspection is necessary to make sure everything is working fine – and doing it regularly helps extend the life of the brake. Most of these checkups don’t even require removing the tire, making it a quick and easy process.

Myth: Adjust auto sliders at every overhaul

Truth: If you have automatic regulators (ASA), do not manually adjust them if the brake goes above the upper limit.

When servicing drum brakes, technicians adjust the ASAs at every preventative check. But automatic slack adjusters that are properly installed, functional, and lubricated should never need adjustment after initial installation – outside of brake refacing. Therefore, Bendix recommends that ASAs never be manually adjusted.

Myth: Brake chambers should not be checked unless you hear a leak.

Truth: You should check your brake chambers at every preventative maintenance inspection. Frequent and thorough inspections are necessary.

In addition to listening for air leaks around the camera, check for missing parts like dust caps, clevises, and clevis pins; look for obvious damage to the camera, such as dents, corrosion, and bent pushrods; also make sure the camera grip is not loose.